DOI registration

Metadata schema

Every DOI name is linked to a set of metadata; a collection of bibliographical and content information, referring to the registered dataset (title, author, publication date, copyright etc.) more.

Here you can find the detailed documentation of the da|ra metadata schema version 4.0 (Released December 1st, 2017) plus the xsd schema and xml examples for all resource types.

da|ra Metadata Schema, Version 4.0, Documentation (pdf),


XSD and Controlled Vocabulary (CV) XSDs

xsd schema file da|ra 4.0 xsd
CV language (ISO 639-1) xsd
CV resourceType xsd
CV titleType xsd
CV resourceLanguage (ISO 639-3) xsd
CV availabilityType xsd
CV licenseType xsd
CV contributorType xsd
CV unitType xsd
CV timeDimensionType xsd
CV collectionModeType xsd
CV identifierSchemaType xsd
CV geographicCoverageControlled xsd
CV schema (classificationInternal) xsd
CV descriptionType xsd
CV schema (controlledKeyword) xsd
CV relationType xsd
CV pidType xsd
CV documentType xsd

XML examples

xml example: Audiovisual xml
xml example: Collection xml
xml example: Dataset xml
xml example: Datapaper xml
xml example: Event xml
xml example: Image xml
xml example: InteractiveResource xml
xml example: Model xml
xml example: PhysicalObject xml
xml example: Service xml
xml example: Software xml
xml example: Sound xml
xml example: Text xml
xml example: Workflow xml

Prior versions of the da|ra metadata schema can be found at the archive.

The white list of characters describes elements with limitations.

da|ra web service (API)

The da|ra Web service (API) enables you to work automated with our DOI registration service without being forced to log in to your existing da|ra user account (obtain a user account) at the web page. Please mind the description of the current da|ra metadata schema including the xsd schema file.

da|ra API reference for data centers version 2.0 (September 13th, 2017)

We offer a special interface for prospective publication agents. Please contact the respective contact person to obtain a test account.

Tool for uploading XML-files (version 1.0, August 8th, 2017)

The Search&Access-API is a service for checking the availability of the da|ra system (isAlive) and searching the metadata via a web service.

da|ra logo formats

The instruction states all necessary information for the creation and editing of your logo:

Instruction da|ra logo formats

OAI-PMH Data Provider

da|ra offers access to the metadata of the registered research data  using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). The da|ra OAI-PMH Data Provider is able to disseminate records in the following formats: DDI-Lifecycle 3.1 und OAI DC.

Please consult the specification for implementation details: