International initiative for establishing easier access to scientific research data; accredited registration agency at IDF


Registration agency for social science and economic data, run by GESIS and ZBW


Data Documentation Initiative, DDI is an open standard (metadata model) for the description of social science and economic data


Digital Object Identifier


A (international unique) numerical string, directly identifying the digital object and linking it with current and structured metadata

DOI Registration Agency

Agency officially accredited as a registration agency at IDF

DOI Allocation Agency

Agency within the DataCite initative, which allocates DOIs to the publication agent


GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, initiator of the registration agency for social science and economic data (da|ra) and partner of the ZBW


Defined granularity of DOI suffix

Handle system

Application for the allocation and administration of persistent internet identifiers, invented by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRS); technical infrastructure for the allocation of DOI-names


International DOI Foundation; founded for the development and administration of the DOI system

Persistent Identifier

Unique (location independent) identifier, ensuring reliable access to a digital object beyond a potential system change and over a long period of time

Publication agent

Data provider, who registrates data using DOI names

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Agreement between da|ra and the data provider (publication agent)

TIB Hannover

German National Library of Science and Technology
University Library Hannover


German National Library of Economics
Leibniz Information Centre for Economics; partner of GESIS at the development of the registration agency for social science and economic data (da|ra)

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