Archive data

Archive and register data

Whether you are a researcher, research group or research institute seeking to have your data archived and secured for the long-term, while remaining easy to locate and cite, or you want to publish research findings and put them up for discussion in the scientific community, we have the solution.

da|ra works closely with the GESIS data archive to enable long-term data archiving for institutes or projects not doing this themselves. The GESIS data archive offers its users an extensive data service: data processing, data archiving and data registration (via da|ra) as well as convenient data access.

Since 2014 the GESIS data archive services have become even easier to use with the implementation of the GESIS Self Archiving Tool "datorium".

Contact person for further information about data archiving:

Oliver Watteler 
Data archive for social sciences
☎  +49 (0) 221 47 694 418