Research data

Research data

Search in metadata

There are many good reasons to search da|ra metadata:

  • If you are searching for data on your research topic
  • If you are searching for specific data
  • If you refer to specific research data in your publication and are unsure whether the data already has a DOI-name
  • If you have found a DOI-name in a reference list of a publication and you want to learn more about the object

The quick and the advanced searches offer the possibility to search the collection of registered research data sets of the social sciences and economics. The faceted search allows you to narrow your search according to your needs.

Please use the search field at the top right hand corner of this page. 

DOI resolver

If you have found a DOI-name in a publication, an online or printed text and wish to quickly and easily find out more about the object, just enter the DOI-name into the search field of the DOI resolver to go directly to the digital object (book, journal, article, data, graph, lecture etc.) or to a detailed description.

The resolver can resolve the DOI-names of all registration agencies of the International DOI Foundation. Just enter the DOI and click „Go!“:


Quciksearch in metadata  (avi, 5 mb)