Data Cite


DataCite is an international consortium founded in London in 2009 comprised of sixteen members from ten different countries, to pursue the common goal of supporting the acceptance of research data as independent citable scientific objects through worldwide uniform standards.

With the ever increasing importance of good scientific practice, recreating the scientific research process has also become a high priority. Accurately reproducing this process requires the persistent identification, storage, localization and reliable citation of primary research data.

On the basis of the DOI-system research data is registered with DOI names to enable comprehensive linking of scientific work with the underlying research data.


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GESIS and ZBW as members of DataCite

GESIS and ZBW, together with the German National Library of Science and Technology, University Library Hannover (TIB), the German National Library of Medicine (ZBMed) and the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB) have been members in DataCite since 2010, an organization that includes leading research libraries and technical information centers worldwide.

TIB Hannover is the registration agency for natural scientific data, the ZBMed offers this service in the field of medicine and ecology and SUB Göttingen is responsible for data generated in the Humanities, while GESIS, together with the ZBW, operates as the registration agency for research data in the social sciences and economics.

More information about GESIS and ZBW can be found here.